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Board of Education Recap August 29th, 2018
News from Sheridan School District No. 2

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News Release

Aug. 29, 2018

State’s Preliminary District Framework Report Indicates Possible Rating Slip


Preliminary results from the Colorado Department of Education indicate that the performance rating for Sheridan School District 2 may slip back one category, to “priority improvement.” 

The rating was shared with the Board of Education during a work session this week (Aug. 28) by Superintendent Pat Sandos and Sheridan Director of Assessment Maegan Daigler. The preliminary rating won’t be finalized until December, said Daigler. The district is considering whether to submit additional information that could be used to boost Sheridan’s rating to improvement before the final ratings are determined.  

Superintendent Sandos said he wants the district’s overall performance to grow enough so it is no longer floating around the cut-off point between “priority improvement” and “improvement.” The preliminary data suggest Sheridan is slightly below the cutoff point to be considered “improvement.” Currently, the district rating is “improvement,” but that is based on the district’s performance falling two points (on a 100-point scale) above the cutoff point.

“The sense of urgency I have about this is palpable,” said Superintendent Sandos. “We want to see a progression that is slow and steady and reflects true growth over time and leaves this uncertainty behind.”

Colorado’s school district rating system analyzes data within three broad categories—academic performance, growth of achievement, and post-secondary readiness (using indicators such as dropout rates, graduation rates, and more).

Assessment Director Daigler said Sheridan’s trouble spots include achievement levels in elementary science; growth in literacy in both elementary and middle school; achievement and growth on high school college-entrance exams, particularly 9th and 10th grade; and dropout rates.

Daigler said the district is now pursuing multiple strategies to focus work and improve results:

  1. Establish and communicate rigorous targets to school and district staff. (For example, 100 percent of students at Alice Terry Elementary School will meet one-year growth goals and 85 percent will read on grade level.)
  2. Clearly define and implement district and school strategies aimed at reaching targets.
  3. Progress monitor targets and strategies at multiple points throughout the school year to understand if desired progress is being made,

The look at the preliminary data prompted a discussion on steps being taken to improve mathematics achievement at all grade levels.

New Director of Language, Culture and Equity

Superintendent Sandos introduced Christine Muldoon, the district’s new Director of Language, Culture and Equity.

“We are really excited to have you and we are glad you are here,” said Superintendent Sandos.

Muldoon was recently Director of English Language Acquisition at Denver Public Schools. She has also worked for Centennial BOCES and Adams County School District 14.

Sheridan High School Learning Walk

Earlier Tuesday, board members toured Sheridan High School as part of a regular “Learning Walk” of schools. At the board meeting, board president Bernadette Saleh said she was impressed by the atmosphere in the classrooms, particularly using one history lesson being taught with a computerized game. “To engage these students with what they know best is really smart,” she said.

Board member Karla Najera said she left the walk with a “sense of belonging” because she spotted posters in both English and Spanish. Najera also noted the strong school spirit and sense of pride.

Sheridan High School co-principal Shirley Miles said the district has worked on culture and on improving the school’s welcoming atmosphere.

Amendment 73

Board members are considering a resolution to support Amendment 73 (Great Schools, Thriving Communities) that will be on the November ballot. The ballot proposal seeks to provide every student the opportunity to reach his or her full potential and to participate meaningfully in the civic and economic life of the community.  The proposal would raise taxes on incomes above $150,000 and on “C” corporations, among other elements.

Consent Agenda

After shifting from work session mode to a regular meeting format, all consent items were approved.

About Sheridan School District 2

Located southwest of Denver, Sheridan School District 2 seeks high-level post-secondary options for all students through continuous improvement of quality instruction. More: www.ssd2.org


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