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Graduation Requirements

SOAR Academy Class of 2021 and Beyond-Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate, students must successfully complete 23 credits.Students who are off track to graduate or behind in credits, may recover missing credits through our online credit recovery program, Edgenuity which offers a large menu of classes to choose from. All classes offered through Edgenuity are worth .5 credits. Students will have access to our lap tops in house but will not be able to take them outside of the building.

SOAR Academy Credit Requirements for Graduation:    TOTAL- 23 Credits

English                                            4.0

Math                                                3.0-including Algebra 2

Science                                           3.0

Social Studies                                 3.5-including .5 in Government

Physical Education                         1.0

Personal Financial Literacy              .5

Health Education                              .5

Electives                                         7.5