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Board of Education Recap August 16th, 2018

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News Release

Aug. 16, 2018

Sheridan High School in the Spotlight; 2018-2019 School Year off to a Smooth Start

Sheridan High School was in the spotlight at the Board of Education meeting this week (Aug. 14) as the board heard from a teacher who has raised the bar for bilingual students, a student who represented the Rams at an international soccer tournament, and from school leadership promoting a new “fish philosophy” to build camaraderie.

Advanced Placement Spanish teacher Christen Rogers De Reyes, a Sheridan teacher since 2004, said students in her AP Spanish class tackle rigorous college-level content and develop college-level skills in reading, writing, speaking and thinking.  Successfully passing AP tests leads to college credit, she pointed out, and a significant savings in college costs. 

The AP coursework leads to many themes and subthemes, she said, including global challenges, personal and public identities, science and technology, families and communities, contemporary life, and beauty and aesthetics.

Sheridan students may also pursue a Seal of Biliteracy, which includes achieving certain benchmarks on college entrance exams. The classes explore topics in depth through projects and assignments that involve critical thinking, analysis, and gathering evidence from multiple perspectives.  In 2018, five students achieved the Seal of Biliteracy and ten are on track this year, she said.

Superintendent Pat Sandos lauded De Reyes’ teaching style. “Your kids are so engaged in your classroom,” he said. “We are so appreciative that you are part of our community.”

Sheridan High School co-principal Shirley Miles noted that De Reyes gave up some of her summer vacation to be trained to teach the AP courses.

Student Maurico “Puga” Ramos recapped his three-week trip to Denmark and Norway, representing the United States and Sheridan High School in a tournament that also included a team from Ghana. Ramos called the trip “a once in a lifetime thing” and thanked his coach, parents, and Sheridan staff for their support.  “I see soccer from a different view now,” he said.

Sheridan High School co-principal Eileen Doolan said the school is off to a “terrific” start. “Kids have communicated that they feel like they never left,” she said, “so that’s a good thing. We didn’t skip a beat.”

The new “fish philosophy” is designed to “Catch the Energy and Release the Potential.” Staff and teacher orientation was built around the theme, which will carry through the school year to build teacher teamwork and trust.  The school welcomed 88 students at freshman orientation, reviewed safety and discipline procedures with all students, and started parent meetings to review the school’s code of conduct and to cover graduation requirements, which will be higher beginning for the class of 2021.  

Doolan pointed out that tardies are down, the attendance rate is up, and the number of D’s and F’s has diminished.

“Culture building pays dividends,” said Superintendent Sandos. “I applaud the energy and focus on rigor. I am really excited for you.”

Mill Levy Update

Superintendent Sandos told the board that the district is working with Arapahoe County on the board’s $3 million mill levy ballot question, which will go to voters in November. The ballot title and number have not yet been completed, he said.  The board unanimously supported placing the question on the ballot at a meeting in July.  The resolution states that the money will address four priorities:

  • Improve safety and security infrastructure and operations to be able to maintain safer buildings for students and staff;
  • Repair leaking roofs and other district facilities and provide general maintenance in school buildings;
  • Improve and upgrade technology infrastructure and operations in schools to support 21st Century learning opportunities and achievement for Sheridan students; and
  • Make salaries and wages of district personnel competitive with those of other school districts in the metropolitan area.

School Year Start

Superintendent Sandos reported that the start of the school year has been “great.”  He noted that teachers, students and families all seemed excited. He also praised the cordial nature of the front office staff in all the school buildings, who welcome familiar faces and new ones every day.

Sheridan High School - History

Sheridan Historical Society secretary/treasurer Roger Rowland presented the first of a four-part report regarding the history of Sheridan High School.

Consent Agenda

All consent items were approved.

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