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Board of Education Recap November 14th, 2019

News from Sheridan School District No. 2

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News Release

Nov. 14, 2019

Bernadette Saleh Re-Elected President of the Sheridan Board of Education


The Sheridan Board of Education this week (Nov. 12) unanimously re-elected Bernadette Saleh to serve as president.

Board member Sally Daigle was elected to serve as vice-president; board member Karla Najera was appointed by President Saleh to serve as secretary; board member Daniel Stange was appointed to serve as treasurer; and Juanita Camacho was appointed assistant secretary/treasurer.

In addition, the results of the election were certified by the board. Board members Juanita Camacho (District B) and Karla Najera (District D) ran unopposed for four-year terms. 

Early Childhood Center in the Spotlight

Early Childhood Center director Aimee Chapman and education coordinator Jennifer Horn highlighted the contributions of two staff members—teaching assistant Laura Gonzalez and health coordinator Casey Hammes.

Gonzales, said Chapman, continues to take classes in early childhood education. “She takes initiative, she’s self-driven, she’s creative, and she has excellent relationships with children and families,” said Chapman. “In four short years she has become a reliable and exceptional employee that people trust.”

Hammes, who started at ECC at the beginning of the current school year, “has jumped into her role full force,” said Chapman. Hammes handles a wide variety of duties, including weekly classroom walks to make sure electrical outlets are covered, that no scissors are lingering on a teacher’s desk, and that no plastic bags are present. Hammes also handles bus duty in addition to more traditional health coordinator duties such as conducting screenings for vision and hearing needs. “No matter what the day brings, she’s going to jump right in,” said Chapman. “She gets the big picture.”

Chapman and Horn also presented the board with details of the school’s ongoing focus on a “project approach” to learning. A recent six-week project focused on learning about sand.

The Early Childhood Center emphasizes family involvement and strengthening the connection between home and school. “We’re all in this together,” said Horn. The school issues monthly newsletters for families and holds regular celebrations with families, too.

Student observations are preferred over a heavy reliance on formal testing, added Horn. “We want to observe and listen because they (children) show a lot that way,” she said. Teachers meet weekly to plan and review student needs. 

One focus this year, said Chapman, is helping students to start noticing other students, “to look for wonderful things in other people.” The school also works to help students learn to manage their emotions and feelings, to ensure minimal disruptions to the learning process.

Chapman also provided the board with an overview of a wide range of compliance issues related to its federal Head Start grant as part of required governance training for the board. 

Superintendent Pat Sandos praised the Early Childhood Center for its culture. “Every adult in that building knows every child’s name—that is so impressive to me,” said Sandos. The school has “such a caring and safe environment and the children are thriving.”

Chief Financial Officer Liz Duncan

Superintendent Sandos introduced Liz Duncan, who was appointed as Chief  Financial Officer. 

Superintendent Sandos also thanked the board for supporting a transition time; longtime Chief Financial Officer Kristen Colonell will continue to work alongside Duncan through the end of the school year.

“It’s hard to replace John Elway,” said Sandos, referring to Colonell, who is in her 22nd year of service to Sheridan School District 2 and who is retiring. “But we think we lucked out and found a Peyton Manning out there.”

Duncan told the board she has worked in Jeffco Schools for 25 years, first at a special education center and later as a school bookkeeper and trainer of district bookkeepers. She became a budget analyst for a variety of large district departments, often managing many grants, before moving to the main budget office at Jeffco Schools five years ago.

“I am super excited to come to Sheridan to see what I can do to help you,” said Duncan. “I am excited to learn all parts of the CFO position from beginning to end. I’m very excited to be here and to work with all of you.”

Sheridan Health Clinic

Superintendent Sandos shared a news clip from Channel 4 that spotlighted the support Sheridan students receive with health-related needs through the district’s ongoing relationship with the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical School and the School of Nursing. 



  • Sheridan board members are planning to attend the Colorado Association of School Boards convention in early December.
  • Student count is down, from 1,425 during the 2018-2019 school year to 1,362 during the current (2019-2020) school year. Superintendent Sandos said the reduction will prompt immediate budget tightening this year and could lead to staff reductions next year unless the enrollment grows. Superintendent Sandos thanked executive secretary Polly Plancarte and data specialist Stephanie Wright for their hard work on the student count process.
  • The Sheridan Board of Education will not hold a second meeting this month due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Consent Agenda

All consent agenda items were approved.

About Sheridan School District 2

Located southwest of Denver, Sheridan School District 2 seeks high-level post-secondary options for all students through continuous improvement of quality instruction. More: www.ssd2.org

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