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Board of Education Meeting March 12th, 2020

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News Release


March 12, 2020

Alice Terry Elementary School in the Spotlight

Alice Terry Elementary School principal Diego Romero and assistant principal Jennifer Webster shined a spotlight on top students and three key staff members during the Sheridan Board of Education meeting this week. The school leaders also provided an update on academic progress at Alice Terry, which serves kindergarten through second grade.

Kindergarten students Leila Abdullahi and Ailiyah Haynes, first-grade students Jordyn Pollock Kelly and Gabriel Miranda, and second-grade students Dakota Poland and Camille McConico were all recognized for their academic growth in reading according to the online assessment, i-Ready.

Custodian Doug Howard, social worker Linda Medina Martinez, and principal’s secretary Kylene Vigil were also recognized for their dedication and hard work. “All three are such an essential part of our school,” said Romero. 

Romero lauded Doug Howard’s “great relationships” with students and families and for keeping the school spotless. Romero noted that Linda Martinez Medina is a former Sheridan High School class valedictorian who hasn’t missed “one day of work.” Assistant principal Webster pointed to Martinez Medina’s professional poise and composure. And Vigil, said Romero, “is the face of our building. You name it, she does it—and she does it well.”

“What an extraordinary group of professionals,” said Superintendent Pat Sandos. “Thank you all for what you do. You are all role models.” 


Romero and Webster said teachers and staff at Alice Terry Elementary continue to improve efforts to differentiate instruction and to meet the learning needs of each individual student. There are some bright spots, such as improved mathematics and reading scores in kindergarten compared to last year’s students. Math scores, in fact, have improved even more this year compared to last year among all three grade levels.


Reading scores have improved among all grade-levels this year compared to last school-year. Data shows improvement in achievement from the beginning of the school year to the middle of this school year. In addition, the number of students considered “at risk” academically has declined.


Asked by board member Karla Najera about the increases in the number of students working on grade level since the beginning of the school year (13 percent to 36 percent in reading; 6 percent to 27 percent in math), Romero and Webster both attributed the growth to the presence of an Instructional Support Assistant in each classroom. The additional instructor in each classroom, said Romero, allows “very targeted” work in small-group and one-on-one settings.


Fort Logan Northgate School Mathematics

At Fort Logan Northgate School, the fourth-grade mathematics scores on state tests are the eighth-highest scores in the state of Colorado. Among fourth-graders, 64 percent performed at or above grade level.


Ron Tzur, a professor of mathematics at UC Denver, provided an update on the progress of a National Science Foundation-funded program called Student Adaptive Pedagogy that has been working with teachers at Fort Logan Northgate School for two years. (UC Denver also has the backing from a Rose Community Foundation on this project.)


Under the “AdPed” approach, mathematic concepts are “constructed” as opposed to passively received by students. Teachers tailor instruction to how individual students think about math concepts rather than tailoring all students to the same textbook. “You teach where students are,” said Tzur, and develop activities to meet students precisely at the current level of grasping key mathematics concepts. 


Tzur said the progress is reason to celebrate. Superintendent Sandos noted that the district is seeking to expand the program to Alice Terry Elementary School.  “Fingers crossed,” said Sandos.



Superintendent Sandos offered an update on the district’s planning for the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. The district’s main web page, www.ssd2.org will carry Sheridan School District’s most up-to-date information for parents and students. The district has decided, said Sandos, to limit student travel on field trips out of state through March 31. The district is also making preparations should a school or district closure be required in order to minimize spreading the virus. 


Additional Notes

  • Superintendent Sandos noted progress on repairs to the roof over SOAR Academy and the Early Childhood Center (all one building) and the addition of light poles at the stadium and adjacent ballfield. Solar lights will be installed soon.
  • Sheridan Square, the Habitat for Humanity community that was made possible by the closure and razing of the former Fort Logan Elementary School, will receive an award from the Denver Council of Regional Governments on April 22 at Empower Field.


Consent Agenda

All consent agenda items were approved.


About Sheridan School District 2

Located southwest of Denver, Sheridan School District 2 seeks high-level post-secondary options for all students through continuous improvement of quality instruction. More: www.ssd2.org



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