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Board of Education Recap October 11th, 2018
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News Release
Oct. 11, 2018
Alice Terry Elementary School in the Spotlight; “Beyond Textbooks” Welcomed by Teachers
Alice Terry Elementary School recognized two students for their achievements and hard work and also honored three longtime paraprofessionals during the Board of Education meeting this week (Tuesday, Oct. 9).  
First-grader Benjamin McGee posted a record of perfect attendance as a kindergarten student and has not had one tardy to class this year, said Alice Terry Elementary School principal Diego Romero. Benjamin “shows Panda Pride all the time” and is very involved in school activities. 
Second-grader Christian Rios-Maldonado was lauded for his eagerness to learn and for his upbeat attitude.  Christian arrived as a first-grader not speaking any English, said assistant principal Jennifer Webster, yet “had an eagerness to learn” from day one. “He is always happy,” she added.
Paraprofessionals Trudy Morales, Silvia Trujillo, and Paula Webster were also honored. “They are very supportive of whatever we ask,” said Romero. “These are three awesome individuals.” 
Wheeler has been with Sheridan School District 2 for 21 years; Trujillo for almost 24 years and Morales for 25 years. Last year, Wheeler and Trujillo did not miss one day of work. “We really couldn’t do it without you,” Webster told the trio.
Romero and Webster also provided the board with an overview of Alice Terry Elementary School’s current work to improve achievement. Too many students are one or two years behind grade level on both mathematics and English Language Arts, she said. The school has set high goals, including that 100 percent of students will meet expected growth targets as determined by i-Ready, a tool used to measure student progress. 
The school is emphasizing targeted, small-group instruction, said Romero. The idea is to deliver more instructional time for those who need it and enrichment for those who have already mastered concepts. 
The school staff is emphasizing “accountability, trust, and respect” in its teamwork, said Webster, and the faculty has embraced the idea of being open to new learning and to take risks in a “no excuses” atmosphere.
Superintendent Pat Sandos told the board that Romero and Webster have embraced an “incredible” amount of work. Sandos also noted that the school insisted on setting high goals and he thanked Romero and Webster for aiming high. “I think the payoff is going to be huge,” said Sandos.
Appeal on District Performance Rating
Earlier this year, the board learned that preliminary results from the Colorado Department of Education indicate that the performance rating for Sheridan School District 2 may slip back one category, to “priority improvement.” Superintendent Sandos said this week that the district will appeal the preliminary results. “We feel like we can add some data that would support keeping us where we are at,” he said. “If you don’t try, you don’t know.” The district’s appeal is due Oct. 15.
Beyond Textbooks
Beginning with this school year, Sheridan schools and teachers have adopted a program called Beyond Textbooks, “a comprehensive program of curriculum development, instructional improvement, student assessment, and multi-level interventions.” The program involves a philosophy of planning, teaching, and sharing. Today, some 13,000 teachers use Beyond Textbooks around the country. 
At the board meeting this week, Chief Academic Officer Shirley Miles and teachers Ken White and Ann Towey reported on a recent trip to Arizona to attend a conference and see Beyond Textbooks in action in a school near the Mexican border. The experience, they said, left them inspired and optimistic about the future for Sheridan schools. In all, seven Sheridan teachers made the trip.  
“It makes a difference when everyone is on the same page,” said special education teacher Towey. “I think the investment (in the trip) was worth it. I’m so excited.” Fort Logan Northgate School teacher Ken White was equally upbeat, drawing encouragement from Board of Education president Bernadette Saleh. “Your enthusiasm is priceless,” she said.  
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