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Board of Education Recap April 10th, 2019

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News Release

April 10, 2019

Early Childhood Center Highlights Students and Staff; Renewed Focus on Developing “Independent Learners”

Early Childhood Center (ECC) director Aimee Chapman and educational coordinator Jennifer

Horn lauded the care and compassion of three staff members during the Sheridan Board of

Education meeting this week (Tuesday, April 9).

Chapman and Horn also reviewed the ECC’s effort to develop their three- and four-year-old

students as independent learners.

Teachers Kayla Price and Michala Saenz were praised for being risk-takers and for their

excitement about watching children grow, said Chapman. Price was a teaching assistant for two

years before interviewing for a teacher position. Saenz is in her first year of teaching. She also

started as a teaching assistant and did her student teaching at ECC.

“They embed themselves in the classroom and both have strong family involvement,” said

Chapman, “and you can’t get that without a welcoming environment.”

Speech-language pathologist Lyndsie Lee Null was praised for providing useful strategies for

teachers and for helping around the school whenever needed. “She finds learning opportunities

in every moment of the day,” said Horn. “There is no wasted time when Miss Lyndsie is


Chapman and Horn reviewed the current “project approach” to classroom learning. Culturally

relevant projects, she said, develop a positive outlook about learning, build mind and brain

capacity, require students to take initiative, and teach students how to persist and ask

questions. Recently, she said, one class project explored what happens to fish when their water

becomes filled with trash.

“We are really putting our focus back into that child-initiated time,” said Chapman.

Chapman and Horn also reviewed the data regarding progress in language, social-emotional

skills, cognition, physical skills, identifying letters, noticing and discriminating rhyme, and lettersound knowledge. They also reviewed the Self-Assessment Action Plan for the Head Start

program, which is a component of the entire ECC.

Superintendent Pat Sandos said he appreciates the “compassion and caring” at the ECC. “You

are unbelievable,” he said. “You can’t run twenty feet in your school without running into

another adult who is smiling. You know every student in the school by name and you have

created a trusting and caring atmosphere. I am so appreciative.”

Unified Improvement Plan

Maegan Daigler, Director of Assessment, Testing and Homeless Education, reviewed the Unified

Improvement Plan and the ongoing districtwide strategies—implementing a guaranteed and

viable curriculum; providing district-wide, ongoing professional development on planning,

instruction, and formative assessment; increasing cultural competency for students and staff;

and increased post-secondary opportunities.

Testing and Graduation Dates

Superintendent Sandos noted that schools are currently administering achievement tests. He

also provided the board with a list of key spring events including graduation dates for Sheridan

High School (Friday, May 17 at 4 p.m., West Bowles Community Church) and for SOAR Academy

(Wednesday, May 22 at 11 a.m., West Bowles Community Church).

Consent Agenda

All consent agenda items were approved.

About Sheridan School District 2

Located southwest of Denver, Sheridan School District 2 seeks high-level post-secondary

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