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Community Resources

community support
The Sheridan Community has many resources for our students and families.  

Ruthy's Closet
In Sheridan please visit Ruthy's Closet at S.O.A.R Academy

clothes at Ruthy's closetRuthy's Closet


 We accept gently used clothing, blankets, backpacks, and shoes, and give it back to the community. If you feel like you can donate or are in need of any items, please call Karen Galindo to set up an appointment at 720-833-6707.  

Arapahoe Libraries

The Arapahoe Libraries offer a lot of different services: 
Want to find something specific for your student age and grade level to support their learning? 

Message from Superintendent Pat Sandos and Board President 

Sheridan School District has a strong and vibrant community. Each year Sheridan honors our parents and community members with an end of year celebration. This year, in the midst of COVID 19,  we will honor our many family and community members, not by coming together in person, but through a Website page where the whole world can see how much we appreciate our families and community. Each recipient will also receive a Certificate of Appreciation mailed to them from the District. 

Please help us honor our wonderful families and community members.

Sheridan School District Community Appreciation

Geraldine Kelley, Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Veronica Acosta, Newsed Community Development Corporation

Siena Mann, Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition

Kathy Crusan Ford, Denver Human Services

Allison Taggart, Integrated Family Community Services

Nicole Frank, Facing Homelessness Denver

Amber Dinh, Facing Homelessness Denver

Summer Greenwood, Arapahoe Libraries

Eddie Kanoza, Sheridan Recreation Center

Beth Stewart MPH, South Platte Communities United


Sheridan Early Childhood Center Parent Appreciation

Yesenia Huizar - Jessica De León - Myriam Gonzalez

Gabriela Flores - Karla Grijalba - Cynthia Payan

Hugo Marquez - María D Martínez - Goshu Merkena

Fozia Hussein - Nancy Araujo - Alicia Cano

Julia Montes - Huda Jasim - Maryel Rascon

Laura Davis - Ashley Cruz - Constance Crowell

 Natalie Arellano-Maria Del Rosario Lopez


Alice Terry Elementary  Community Appreciation

Kathy Nevin, Valley View Church

Mary Carter,  St. James Presbyterian Church

Marcia Walter, St. James Presbyterian Church

Tanya Prax, Arapahoe Libraries

Lauren Graham, Arapahoe Libraries

Betsy Brainerd, Arapahoe Libraries

Jesse Martinez, Colorado Symphony

Alice Terry Elementary  Parent Appreciation

Ma. Dolores Mosqueda Gomez - Amelia Armedariz Garfio -  Alma Sabado   

Sandra Serrano - Perla Gutierrez Maria Elsa Rodriguez

Victoria PerrymanMaria Rocha - Zoraida Azueta

Yazmin Baltazar Andrade - Miriam Gonzalez





Fort Logan Northgate Community Appreciation

Mauricio Trujillo, BBVA USA

Marlene Pasillas, BBVA USA

Misti Wright, A Precious Child

Brittany Polinski, A Precious Child

Pam Estrada, Blue Spruce LMC Pioneers

Hugo Manriquez, BBVA USA

Fort Logan Northgate Parent Leadership Appreciation

Nelly Limon, School Accountability Committee

Martha Limon, School Accountability Committee

Zulma De León, School Accountability Committee

Fort Logan Northgate Parent Leadership Appreciation

Helen Hillson  -  Ana Olivia Sanchez  -  Perla Gutierrez

Cinthya Serrano  -  Sandra Serrano  -  Nelly Limon

Maria Montelongo  -  Karla Cuevas  -  Candelaria Rodriguez

Maria Garcia Valente  -  Amelia Armendariz  -  Maria D. Umanzor

Maria Ema Lara  -  Myriam Gonzalez  -  Nancy Moreno

Mariela Porras  -  Maria Rocha  -  Maria Elsa Rodriguez

Ma. Jesus Mena  -  Virgen Sanchez  -  Ileana Moreno

Bernabe Arias  -  Maria Granados  -  Ma. Dolores Mosqueda  

Tania Rodriguez  -  Ruby Rodriguez  -  Olivia Hernandez


Sheridan High School  Community Appreciation

Kavya Kannan, The Herd Leadership

The Herd Leadership Group

Donna Zimmerman, President of American Association for University Women

Barbara McDaniel, American Association for University Women

SOAR Community Appreciation

Janey Maris Ingram, Community Volunteer

Sheridan High School Parent Appreciation

Maria Emma Lara - Maria Torres - Silvia Bardales

Maria Martinez - Maria Elsa Rodriguez - Sandra Martinez

Maria del Amaro - Ana Olivia Sanchez - Martha Lopez



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Dr. Christine Muldoon

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