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Financial Transparency and Reporting

Financial Transparency and Reporting                        

Sheridan is a unique two square mile school district amongst the larger metro area districts where opportunities are endless for students.  We offer the smallest class sizes in the metro area, have competitive athletic opportunities for our middle school age through high school age students, and also offer a bi-lingual diploma for students at both our high school and our alternative high school.  We offer a robust ELD program supporting 86% of our student population. 

The District employs certificated support staff, classified staff and administrators to provide services to approximately 1400 students with an annual operating General Fund budget of approximately $23 million. 


The District facilities are comprised of one early childhood center, one K-2 campus, one 3-8 campus, one high school campus and one alternative high school campus, with access to teachers and programs in ways usually only found in rural school settings. 

Colorado schools are funded on a per pupil formula that, when applied to district enrollment, calculates total program dollars. The District accounts for its financial operations in compliance with State law.  All District funds are required to be audited on a fiscal year running from July 1 to June 30.  The annually audited financial statements are submitted to the Board of Education of Sheridan Schools and filed with the State auditor and the commissioner of education.


Adopted Budgets and Uniform Budget Summary

     Current and prior two years


Financial Audit Reporting

     Current and prior two years


Salary Schedule and Master Agreement 

     Current and prior two years


Financial Data File

     Prior three years


List of Waivers Received by the School District/Standardized Description and Rational for Automatic Waivers                                     


Federal Form 990 - (Not Applicable at this Time)    

     Plan for Distributing Additional Mill Levy Revenue or Statement of Intent Distribute

Other District Specific Financial Information