"Safe, Smart and Happy!"
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Family August 13, 2019: Family

The new school year is here. No matter what the calendar says, that first day of classes is really the new year. 

Super Pat S July 2, 2019: Reflections and Progress
At the one-year mark of having the opportunity to lead Sheridan School District 2, it’s worth noting a few key changes ahead to the coming school year.  
FLN Teacher June 10, 2019: First Class

Please spread the word: Sheridan teacher salaries are first-rate, first-class, top-notch.

Staff Appreciation May 8, 2019: Thank You
I’ll say it: nobody understands all the things teachers do every day.  
HS Senior May 6, 2019: Onward
Hats off to the senior AVID students at Sheridan High School 
ECC Classroom March 25, 2019: Early Childhood Education
Sheridan’s Early Childhood Center is one of the best in the country.  
AT Classroom with ISA February 26, 2019: Early Intervention
The evidence is irrefutable. 
Equity January 10, 2019: Equity

Sheridan School District 2 is committed to equity in our schools.

August 2019 Calendar December 18, 2018: We Need You
When should the school year start?  
Watch Us Work November 30, 2018: Watch Us Work
This is the tale of two school districts. 
Thank you November 12, 2018: Thank you
Sheridan voters-thank you 
Dream Big October 22, 2018: Dream Big
As educators, we are obligated to make sure all students know, deep down, that anything is possible. 
Kindness Box October 4, 2018: Safe

Sheridan School District 2’s motto starts with the word safe.  “Safe, smart, and happy.”

FLN Teacher September 19, 2018: One Page
"Anyone who tours Sheridan schools will inevitably see classroom moments that demonstrate our teachers are working hard every day." 
Sheridan Bus August 30, 2018: Buses & Playing Fair
"You may have heard that Sheridan is involved in a lawsuit involving rules for school bus transportation in Colorado." 
Sheridan work August 21, 2018: Investment
"The city’s DrivingChange street repair program is, quite frankly, transforming Sheridan." 
Pat August 18, 2018: Flash Mob

"We kicked off the school year with Opening Session on the last day of July"

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