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Board of Education Recap November 15th, 2018
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News Release

Nov. 15, 2018

Mill Levy Ballot Results Celebrated—With Caution

Official results from Arapahoe County are still out, but current totals show Ballot Issue 4B with

over 55 percent of votes favoring the mill levy proposal.

“We continue to add votes all the time, which is really a good thing,” said Superintendent Pat

Sandos at the Board of Education meeting this week (Nov. 13). Sandos thanked Sheridan

teachers and staff and all those who worked on the campaign. The election was held Nov. 6.

When the results become official, the proposal will raise $3 million through a mill levy increase.

The additional revenue is pledged to improve safety and security; repair leaking roofs and

address other infrastructure needs; improve and upgrade technology infrastructure and

operations in schools to support 21st Century learning opportunities; and to make salaries and

wages of district personnel competitive with those of other school districts in the metropolitan


Superintendent Sandos said district staff recognizes its responsibility to be careful stewards of

the mill levy revenue and will soon bring a detailed plan to the board for review. “We have to

be thoughtful and smart,” said Sandos, with how the money is prioritized and spent.

Key individuals who worked on the campaign will be recognized at a future board meeting, said

Sandos, once the results are final.

State Appeal

The Colorado Department of Education’s review of Sheridan School District 2’s performance

rating improved the overall score by one point, but not enough for the district to hold onto its

“improvement” rating. The preliminary analysis, released in August, indicated Sheridan will slip

back to the “priority improvement” category. The state did not find enough evidence to adjust

their preliminary conclusions, said Superintendent Sandos. The additional point granted by the

state left Sheridan one point short of the higher rating.

Sandos called the decision “heartbreaking” but said he has confidence in the academic plan. He

said he expects to see achievement on a steady upward track so the district’s score is no longer

hovering around the cutoff score between “improvement” and “priority improvement.”

Pupil Count

Sheridan School District 2 enrollment is growing. The district is serving 1,266.5 full-time

equivalent (FTE) students in the 2018-2019 school year—an increase of 14 FTE over last year.

The actual total number of students is approximately 1,420, but kindergarteners are counted as

half-time for the purposes of determining state funding.

The Early Childhood Center is up 25 students and currently at capacity, noted Superintendent

Sandos, and Fort Logan Northgate School showed an increase of 14 students. Sheridan High

School is up one student, SOAR Academy is up two students, and Alice Terry Elementary

School’s enrollment is 26 students fewer than last year.

Early Childhood Center in the Spotlight

Early Childhood Center principal Aimee Chapman and education coordinator Jen Horn honored

staff members Ymelda Garcia and Rebecca Benavides.

Both Garcia and Benavides were ECC parents before becoming staff members, said Chapman.

The pair has enrolled in classes at Arapahoe Community College and both have become “quite

knowledgeable about the developmental pathway for young children.” Horn lauded both staff

members for going “above and beyond” to help the school in any way that’s needed.

Superintendent Sandos thanked Garcia and Benavides for their “caring and compassionate”

approach with students. “I am so pleased you are being recognized tonight for your efforts,” he


Chapman and Horn also provided the board with an overview of the school’s progress and


ECC currently serves 160 students in 10 classrooms—44 percent are three years old; and 56

percent are four years old. The center is funded both by Head Start and the Colorado Preschool

Program. The school is now at capacity but is keeping a waiting list.

ECC is working to improve the quality of classroom time and help young learners build skills

that will help them prepare for kindergarten. Teachers monitor and measure pre-schoolers in a

variety of ways, including language, literacy, mathematics, and social-emotional capabilities,


The staff, said Chapman, will receive professional development this year in a variety of topics

including language development and recognizing and supporting expanded learning


Consent Agenda

The consent agenda was approved.

About Sheridan School District 2

Located southwest of Denver, Sheridan School District 2 seeks high-level post-secondary

options for all students through continuous improvement of quality instruction. More:



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