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January 11, 2023


Dear Sheridan Family,


It is with mixed emotions that I share some news with you.  I have decided to retire at the end of the 2023 school year. The Board of Education has graciously agreed to allow me to work a transitional year so my last official day with the district will be June 30, 2024. Our Board of Education has been steadfast in their support of “Students First” and have maintained that position for the entirety of my tenure in Sheridan.  I am eternally grateful for that. It has been a very difficult decision for me because of the love I have for our students, families and staff here in the Sheridan Schools.  I have enjoyed my time here and have developed lasting relationships with students, parents, as well as staff. My heart will always be in this community.


We have achieved many great things in our time at Sheridan and have many more to achieve in the next year and a half.

 Below are a few of our accomplishments:

1. We have navigated and successfully survived the COVID 19 pandemic while continuing to grow in our professional skills as well as academic skills. We were the first district to reopen and maintained that status without ever having to close a building because of COVID.

2. We have maintained and improved our District Performance Framework and moved from Priority Improvement to Improvement status with the State of Colorado.

3. We have created a professional learning process for teachers with support from TOSA’s that supports not only LA and Mathematics but all teachers in their professional growth.

4. We have invested in our district infrastructure to improve and maintain our facilities including new roofing at all schools, a new parking lot at the high school, and LED safety lighting in all of our parking lots. Other improvements include a remodeled auditorium at the high school as well as new windows and doors at the high school that do not rattle and are energy efficient among other improved safety and security features.

5. We have implemented a Trades Program in conjunction with several building trades unions in the metro area.  This is one of the only models if not the only model of a partnership like this in the country.  We created a direct pathway into the trades for our students who successfully complete the program.

Our students who are a part of this program will certainly benefit from this for many years to come. 

6. We continue to be a safe and welcoming learning environment where children thrive and grow every day.

7. We have continued to improve on our ability to be a district that is culturally competent but also reflective of the language and diversity in our community.

8. Our staff continue to be some of the highest paid staff in the metro area and teachers continue to be in the top five in pay.

9. We established a seal of Biliteracy at Sheridan High School. This included adding AP Spanish Literature to our programming and have achieved some of the highest scores in the country in the AP Spanish test for four consecutive years.

10. We have added a school Library at Sheridan High School inclusive of a teacher-librarian that includes a professional library for staff and modern learning spaces for all of our students in the high school.

11. We have successfully implemented a restorative practice process at all of our schools.

12. We continue to focus on improved mental health practices for both students and staff during and after the pandemic.

13. In conjunction with schools, community and staff, and with the support of the Colorado Education Initiative; we are developing a Graduate Profile for Sheridan students that will help the entire community support our students.


Sheridan is a wonderful place and will always be a part of my favorite memories.  In the seven years that I have been here, we have created a safe and special learning environment.  This is also due in large part to the energy and love from the staff.  Students know that staff cares about them and that they will receive the help that they need to be successful learners and people. The Board of Education, leadership, teachers and staff are second-to-none and are completely committed to our kids and their welfare.


I am proud that in every decision made here in Sheridan, we have always done what we thought was best for our students and we will continue with that philosophy.  We have accomplished many positive things these past seven years and I can say that our students are in a stable and caring atmosphere where everyone learns and achieves each and every day.  The faculty continue to grow and learn to use data to benefit our children and I am very proud of them!


Thank you for the opportunity to serve our families and our community these past seven years.  It has been an incredible honor and a privilege and, as a result, I have become a better person.  All of you will always be a part of my family and I hope the feeling is mutual. I am proud to say that I am and always will be a member of the Sheridan family.  I have truly enjoyed serving our children and the entire Sheridan community.


We have much to do in the next year and a half and I look forward to the work! As for my future, I plan to continue to be around the Sheridan community if they will have me so we will still see each other!





Pat Sandos



Sheridan School District No 2

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