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The Board of Education of Sheridan School District has a vacancy.
The Board of Education of Sheridan School District has a vacancy. Click here for more information.
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Drop Off and Pick Up Protocol

Drop off and Pick Up Protocol

Drop-off: There are two methods for morning school drop-off. First, you may park on any of our
surrounding neighborhood streets that are not adjacent to the school and walk your student to
the playground. If you chose this method, please remember to cross the street at a marked
crosswalk. Crossing guards will be at each location for your safety. Please be respectful of our
neighbors and do not block their driveways or park in our Hug-and-Go.
The second method is to use our supervised Hug-and-Go Lane (formerly Car Valet). This method
allows you to stay in your car and pull through the lane to drop your child off. You will enter the
Hug-and-Go lane (behind the school off of Mountain Drive) and pull as far forward as you can.
When the line has stopped, your child may exit the car, walk next to the fence to the gate, and
enter the playground. Please have your child exit the car wherever it is stopped in the Hug-and-
Go Lane. In order to expedite this process, please refrain from waiting until you are at the
front of the line to let your child out.
The Hug-and-Go lane will open at 7:45AM each morning and runs until 8:00AM. Please do not
let your child out before 7:45. If you arrive after 8:00AM, you will need to bring your child to the
main office to check them in. Please do not send your child into the school unattended.

Pick-up: The rear parking lot will be closed in the afternoon. All families will need to park on the
streets adjacent to the school and meet their child on the blacktop to be checked out by the
teacher. Students will not be allowed to walk to a waiting car and will be held in the line until
picked up by an approved guardian. Pick-up will begin at 3:25PM Tuesday through Friday and
2:20PM on Mondays. Students that are not picked up by 3:35PM Tuesday through Friday and
2:30PM on Monday will be escorted to the main office where an approved guardian must sign
them out.
Thank you for your cooperation. Our goal is safe, smart and happy children!