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Voice Recognition


Zoom Troubleshooting

Click here for a video tutorial or follow the steps below for logging into Zoom. 

Use this login:

Under the student folder on your student's Chromebooks, click on the SSD2 student folder, and choose zoom.

Once students are at the login, use the same login as you use for your computer: 
User Name
Student number from Infinite [email protected]
Example: [email protected]
first initial first name, first initial last name
2 digit birth month,
2 digit birthday,
2 digit birth year

Example: ag090102
If you are coming to a screen like this, you can also log in as a student.  Click: Sign in with google and use your google login. (Same as above) . If this does not work, you can also try the SSO Login. 

Settings for Participating in Zoom

To help our teachers and student communicate appropriately in an online setting, Zoom has been introducing new features.  If you see this screen below, make sure that your student clicks on the blue button to accept so that they can fully take advantage of the classroom environment and not run into difficulties with muting and unmuting. 
In zoom, when you are entering the meeting, click on allow


Video Conferencing

ZOOM  Video Conferencing  with our students and Parent

Important Information for Parents/Guardians!

Sheridan School District is using Zoom to continue teaching and connecting with our students. The Children's Online Privacy Act (COPPA) requires parental consent for a child(ren) to participate in Zoom. If parents do not want their child(ren) to participate in Zoom, they must email their teacher(s).

El Distrito Escolar de Sheridan está usando Zoom para continuar enseñando y conectándose con nuestros estudiantes. La Ley de privacidad en línea para niños (COPPA) requiere el consentimiento de los padres para que un niño(s) participe en Zoom. Si los padres no quieren que sus hijos participen en Zoom, deben enviar un correo electrónico a los maestros.
Step by Step instructions and links for learning more about Zoom.