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Apply to the Sheridan ECC

How to Apply to ECC - Application Page

How to Apply to Sheridan Early Childhood Center (ECC) 

FIRST------------>  Have you already applied for Universal Preschool?    

YES - see below.                           NO To apply, click here.

YES -- If you have a 3 year old, and in applying to UPK, were rerouted to apply directly here, please proceed 

  BEFORE  proceeding, you must have applied for UPK (Universal Preschool) first. 

For questions about UPK  - visit “Family -FAQ” 

________________________ IF you have already applied to UPK - see below, Sheridan ECC Application Process_____________________

Sheridan ECC Application

--Sheridan ECC Application--

PLEASE READ - Please gather the following documentation to proceed with registration: 

  • Proof of Income - (of all supporting guardiansat least one of the following:)

    • 3 months of pay stubs 

    • TANF documents 

    • SSI documents 

    • SNAP forms

    • Tax Form 1040 see example

    • W-2 Forms

    • Unemployment documents 

    • Written statement from your employer w/ signature (& hours worked per week & rate of pay)

    • Foster care documentation

    • Child Support documentation

    • Declaration of Income / No Income see example                                                                                                                                                               

  • Child’s Birth Certificate (as issued in your country of origin)

  • Immunization Record  (as issued in your country of origin)

  • Proof of Residency / Address

    • Utility bill with your name on it

    • Rental Agreement with your name on it

    • Mortgage statement with your name on it

  • IF you are staying with another family - ALL of the following documents are required as proof of residency:

    • letter that has been signed by the owner of the property.

    • proof of residency for the owner of the property (with any of the above listed acceptable documents)

  • Physical Exam (we have a printable form if you need it)

  • Dental Exam (we have a printable form if you need it)

  • IF Applicable:

    • Custody agreement / court order if parents are separated or divorced

    • Court-ordered guardianship papers if the student resides with someone other than a natural parent,

    •  likewise; any foster or kinship documents 

    • Copy of IEP (Individualized Education Program), 504 Documentation or Rtl