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Social Emotional Book Bags - Activities & Read Alouds

Social - Emotional Books & Activity Library

Social - Emotional Books & Activity Library - Why?

Before the pandemic, here at Sheridan ECC we would send home Social-Emotional "Book Bags". These Book Bags would contain 1 story and then an activity which was geared to a child's social-emotional development. Some of the activities came directly from CSEFEL (The Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning), or ECE Cares. Each book and corresponding activity would talk through common social - emotional themes from Early Childhood. Such themes include consistent love in a safe and supportive home, different emotions we have and what they feel like, what to do when you have a problem, how to talk about what you like, etc. Here you can explore the different Social - Emotional books and their activities attached as pdf's - for you to view or print as you wish.