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Language Culture and Equity

Welcome to Language, Culture and Equity


 That's at the core of equity: understanding who your kids are and how to meet their needs. You are still focused on outcomes, but the path to get there may not be the same for each one.” (Pedro Noguera)



 Parent Liaisons

Family Liaisons support the schools implementation of family and community involvement in support of the District strategic plan. Our liaisons are a resource to the schools to communicate to parents and community the instructional goals of the schools, assist with parent involvement, create an inviting environment, and establish opportunities for parents to be collaborative partners in their child’s education. They also assist in translation and communication to families and the community.


ELD Teachers/Specialists

We have an amazing team of ELD Teachers/Specialists at every building to ensure our English learners have quality language instruction. Our ELD staff often field questions from mainstream teachers, and help to create a seamless educational experience for our English Learners.

Contact Us

 Monday - Friday

8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Phone: 720-833-6930


Denise Lopez

Sheridan School District No 2

4150 S. Hazel Ct.

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